Real Estate Investments in El Dorado Hills (Commercial and Foreclosure Opportunities)

At Wallen Realty, we are proud to bring you great opportunities for real estate investments in the El Dorado Hills area. We have a great selection of both commercial and foreclosure opportunities so you can be certain to find the property or properties that will fit your business’s needs.

Commercial Real Estate Opportunities

Commercial real estate is a hot item in El Dorado Hills, and you won’t find better prices on better properties than at Wallen Realty. Let us help you find the perfect property at a price that will fit within your budget, so you can grow your business in a positive way.

Commercial real estate opportunities have a variety of different possible implementations.

  • Rental property: You may be looking for commercial real estate for the purpose of leasing it out to other business owners. The business of being a landlord can be profitable and satisfying, especially if you choose commercial real estate in a prime location. At Wallen Realty, we have access to all the previous ownership and rental history of all the properties, and more importantly, we have the expertise and the passion to help you find commercial property that will rent easily to prime tenants. Give us a call today and let us help you find the prime commercial rental property you need to get your business going!
  • A location for your business: Many business owners choose to rent commercial real estate, but there is also a big market for business owners who instead want to own their business location outright. Whether you are looking for an office building, a warehouse, or any other kind of commercial real estate for your business, we will make sure you find what you are looking for here at Wallen Realty in El Dorado Hills. Contact us today and start on the road to finding the perfect new location for your business!
  • Resale: There is a lot of money to be made in “flipping” property, and commercial real estate is no exception. If you are looking for commercial real estate for resale investment purposes, you will want to look for properties that need some work done to them. At Wallen Realty, we can help you find the “fixer-upper” commercial properties in El Dorado Hills. A little TLC and some elbow grease, plus the help of your trusty power tools, and you can get a tidy little profit for your resale investment commercial property.

Foreclosure Investment Opportunities

Foreclosures are a great way to get a fantastic property for a steal. Foreclosures are properties that the previous owners either missed too many payments on or stopped paying on altogether. The bank then took possession of the property, and typically the bank only seeks to make enough to cover the loss the bank has outstanding on the loan. This means you can get a foreclosure property for much, much less than its actual market value.

The caveat with foreclosures is that they are usually sold “as-is,” meaning that you will be responsible for taking care of any damages to the house. The seller (the bank) is not going to make any repairs to a foreclosed house, and they often will not lower the price specifically to compensate for any damages, as the asking price often takes into account the state of the house. That said, there is no harm in making an offer and seeing if the bank takes it. Do have your own inspector look at the house so you can be sure that there are no deal breakers on the foreclosed house you are looking at.

  • Foreclosures for Fixer-Upper Real Estate Investments: Foreclosures can be great real estate investments, especially if you are willing to do a little bit of work to get the property looking beautiful. Some Foreclosures don’t have anything wrong with them, but most of them have a few repairs that need to be made, just the way any house does that has been lived in for any amount of time. You can fix up the house and sell it for its market value, and make many times over the money back that you spent on it!
  • Foreclosures for Market Real Estate Investments: If you don’t want to do the work of fixing up a foreclosure, you can still make money from flipping the property. Foreclosures are typically priced extremely low because the bank is simply trying to recoup the loss it took on the bad loan. If you have a bit of patience, you can flip a foreclosure for a good profit just by putting on the market for its market value (taking into account its condition, if it needs repairs that you do not want to make). If you are thinking of purchasing a foreclosure either to fix it up or to flip it, call Wallen Realty today to find out about all our best foreclosure properties!